WeChat Advertising Case Study – GAP

November 22.2017
wechat moments advertising example in china

With a 200% ROI, WeChat featured GAP as a case study to illustrate the effectiveness of WeChat Moments advertising.

GAP WeChat Advertising Results

​GAP advertised via WeChat Moments (news feed with your WeChat contacts’ stories) just after the 2017 Chinese New Year. GAP gave away vouchers from $20.17 RMB to $2017 RMB to users who clicked on the advert.

Combining WeChat Pay’s statistics, GAP’s CRM data and Tencent Social Ad’s expertise, GAP was able to reach 49,000,000 prospective clients.

wechat moment advert china
GAP’s WeChat Moments Campaign

Out of those who saw the advert, 60% collected the vouchers and 40% signed up as GAP members. Out of those who collected the vouchers, 26% purchased GAP products in a physical store.

The GAP membership card is put in a virtual WeChat membership card pouch so users won’t forget or lose their cards. Users can simply use the e-voucher when paying with WeChat Pay in a physical store.

wechat marketing using vouchers in china
WeChat Cards & Offers

Online to Offline Commerce

This is the first time WeChat Pay, WeChat virtual membership cards and WeChat Moments adverts worked together to create an online to offline scenario. The aim of the campaign was to create a seamless process for users to store their vouchers and membership cards and use them in real life.

Source: WeChat Open Class

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