How Offline Advertising Has Changed in China

January 09.2018
outdoor advertising in China

This is a very quick look at how outdoor / offline advertising and marketing efforts have changed in China in recent years. These offline marketing changes and the prevalence of QR codes are a reflection of the rapid pace of technological advancement and adoption of mobile technology among the Chinese population.

What are the changes in China?

Traditional poster design has adapted to the changing internet landscape in China to better communicate and connect with the public.

Advertising has changed from traditional posters to posters with QR codes. QR codes have now taken China by storm. They are used on a regular basis for things like making payments, downloading apps, unlocking shared bikes, accessing a business’ e-commerce store, adding a new contact on WeChat and so on.

Below is a quick overview of the evolution of outdoor advertising in China to give you an idea of the changes that have taken place.

The three stages of development

Stage 1 – Traditional outdoor posters with companies’s contact details and offerings:

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Stage 2 – Advertising billboards with social media details, for example, Weibo usernames:

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Now – Posters or billboards with a big QR code. This allows consumers to be redirected to a company’s website or social media page (e.g. Weibo or WeChat) by scanning the QR code:

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Chinese brands are increasingly skilled at designing omni-channel experiences for their customers. Consumers are encouraged to navigate between offline and online environments to engage with the brands. Therefore, it’s very important that businesses respond to technological changes and design offline adverts in a way that would facilitate online engagement.

This is a brief post highlighting the changes in how the public interact with brands in an offline setting. For more details on how to reach Chinese consumers online, you can also check out our article here.

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