It’s never been easier to reach the Chinese market

Please note this is a beta version and some features are still being tested and developed.

Many see China as an important market but market entry is often perceived as complex and expensive. Our mission is to make it more manageable for businesses of any size to navigate the Chinese market.

Use our free research tools to uncover small-scale business development and marketing opportunities, learn about your competitors’ strategies, and find professional service providers, partners and distributors to help you engage with the Chinese market.

Find Service Providers (beta)

Find Professional Services

To reach your target Chinese market, you may need support in areas like cross-border e-commerce, Chinese digital marketing (e.g. WeChat and Weibo), market research, payment solutions, IP rights, distribution, logistics, setting up a company and so on. We did the groundwork for you by making it easier to find service providers that suit your business needs and budget. Simply use our search filters to narrow down your search! Remember to look beyond your own border. Sometimes the best service providers are not necessarily in your home country.


Find the fuel for your business by uncovering business development, marketing and collaboration opportunities. For example, if you are a travel service provider, you may list your services on top Chinese online travel platforms to attract more clients. If you sell high quality consumer products, you may raise your profile by using Chinese product discovery websites. The list goes on and on. We did the research for you so you can reach out to players in your sector to explore potential collaboration opportunities. Think creatively and approach your business development and marketing work with a global attitude.

Competitor Research

Keep an eye on how your competitors are connecting with Chinese customers. Find out your competitors’ reputation, marketing and sales strategies in the Chinese market. For example, what do people think of their brands? Who are the people searching for them online? Do they use WeChat, Weibo or other social media platforms? Which e-commerce platform do they work with? What offline strategies do they have? Who are their partners? Identify avoidable mistakes, market trends and gaps in the market through detailed competitor research. Learn from your competitors to save time and money.

Ask the Expert

To uncover new business opportunities, it’s important to ask questions and seek feedback. For example, what are the top social media and networking platforms in China? Which company is the Google of China? Where do people shop? You can find answers to questions that are commonly asked here or ask your own questions. You can also check out our blog for more insight.